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Builder Services

IECC Compliance

We have years of expertise building computer models, and using software for modelling code compliance. We have helped builders spend thousands less on builds by using the Performance based methodology allowed by the code.

Equipment Sizing

Wheather you are in need of an ACCA Manual J for conventional equipment sizing, duct sizing, or installing a geothermal heat pump, we can help with the up front evaluation and equipment selection

Energy Star

We are an Energy Star partner, and can help you certify the homes you build as Energy Star compliant. Building to Energy Star standards will distinguish you from the crowded field of builders out there.

Building Science

Understanding what is happening in a building is not always straighforward. We use technology and experience to gather as much information as we can to help our clients understand difficult situations.

Utility Rebates

Many areas have programs set up by local utilities that will reward builders of energy efficient homes with rebates. Contact us to find out if the area you build in qualifies, and what is involved.

Field Inspection/Testing

Blower Door testing, duct leakage testing, Combustion Appliance Zone testing, and pre-drywall walkthroughs are just some of the services we offer to our clients.