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Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Audits
And Building Science

Q: What is an energy audit?
A: Different organizations define energy audits differently, but at the most basic level an energy audit will document the energy usage of a building, and identify areas where the building can be made more efficient. Audits can range from a short walk-through to physical testing of the building, using special fans and infrared equipment.

Q: What building science services do you offer?
A: We offer energy auditing, combustion appliance testing, and radon testing. All of our tests are performed using state-of-the-art equipment by individuals trained (and for radon licensed by the state) to perform the tests.

Q: How do I prepare for an energy audit?
A: For the Basic or Comprehensive Energy Audit, it is very helpful to have utility bill information sent to us prior to our arrival onsite. This will expedite the entire process, and allow us to get a good understanding of your energy usage. However, if the information is not available prior to the scheduled appointment, information can be reviewed that day. For any audit in which the fan will be installed in a door, it is requested that any open fires, such as fireplaces or wood burning stoves, not be used for 24 hours prior to our arrival. In addition, to minimize any ash dust being pulled through the building, it is recommended that the fireplace/stove be swept and vacuumed prior to our arrival. All levels of energy audits will require access to attics and basements/crawlspaces. If these areas are used for storage, items should be moved prior to our arrival to allow a pathway or visual access to all areas. We ask this to ensure a complete inspection, and to ensure no areas for improvement are missed.

Q: Why should I have an energy audit or other building science testing performed?
A: There are many reasons someone would choose to have testing performed on their house. These include reducing energy bills, increasing comfort in the living/working space, and ensuring or increasing the health of the living/working space. Energy bill reduction can have an immediate impact on your finances. In many cases, the amount spent for an energy audit is saved over the course of the first year in reduced energy bills. To implement recommendations from the energy audit, many items (such as sealing air leaks and installation of fiberglass batt insulation) can be performed as a weekend project. Personal comfort in a living/working space can have a large impact on individuals mood and productivity, whether at home or in the workplace. Many issues related to comfort can be determined through an energy audit. Safety of family members and workers is always a high priority. In the case of combustion gases and radon, these are gases that can have harmful effects on human beings when they are at concentrated enough levels. Contact us today to have one of our building science experts discuss what is the best action plan for your situation.


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